The Story of a Danube Salmon – Official trailer

A short trailer that will give you a slight insight of the upcoming movie.

The Story of a Danube Salmon – Making of

Photos of the team working in the field.

The Story of a Danube Salmon – Stills from the movie

Underwater Documentary about the Huchen, endangered species that was once on the brink of extinction, now plays a pivotal role in the species’ resurgence.

The Society for the Study and Protection of Fishes

The Team responsible for the conservation and restoration of Danube salmon, Hucho hucho, populations in Serbia.

Pannonian Sea – Beneath the Surface – Official Trailer

A montage of excerpts from our upcoming movie/series.

Pannonian Sea – Beneath the Surface – Making of

The crew behind the Panonian Sea

Diamonds of the Depths – Full Movie

Diamonds of the Depths is a 9 min. documentary about the giant Diamond squid, never caught live on camera before.

Diamonds of the Depths – Making of

Making of the Diamonds of the Depths

Diamonds of the Depths – Stills from the movie

Stills from the movie

Dominicana Bajo Del Mar – Making of

Work on the series of documentaries for CDN 37, National Dominican TV channel.


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