Liquid Art Biography

The Liquid Art team is united by a desire to inspire an awareness of the aquatic world, conserve our oceans and freshwaters and explore the unknown. We are passionate about our work and have dedicated our lives to creating a force of change in this world.

As a production with the most up to date equipment and highly professional staff with experience and knowledge, Liquid Art produces extreme videography that has only begun to cover a part of the unsaturated niche of the local market. It has the ambition and quality to venture into foreign markets.

With an active production of just a half year’s time, the unit gained external support from the World Wildlife Foundation, Mares and BS Kinetics Gmbh which proves the quality and commitment of the team. Liquid Art has a specialized animation team, that enhances the deductive quality of the movies. Also, the company has support from the academic staff and research team of the Faculty of Natural sciences, department of Biology and Ecology. Besides the above, the company has great opportunity to expand in size and the territory of operation.

We make the movies the way we like them – simple, clean and underwater.

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